Cyber & Privacy

Municipalities and other Public Entities, like any other business, face the serious threat of a data breach and or hacking incidents. This risk only continues to grow in today’s world of conducting business over the internet and storing valuable personal information electronically.

Coverages to protect your entity are available through Cyber or Data Breach Liability Insurance Policies.

Coverages can include:

  • Network Security Liability
  • Media Content Services Liability (Web Site)
  • Privacy Liability
  • Notification Expense/Credit Monitoring – Cost to notify individuals if their personal data has been lost or stolen
  • Privacy Regulatory Fines and Penalties
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Crisis Management
  • System Business Interruption/Extra Expenses due to breach
  • Liability coverage if the city is sued
  • Cost to restore data or hardware destroyed by hackers

As the use of technology increases, you face a greater threat of a data breach or other loss of personal information in your possession.

Please contact us to further discus how Cyber/Privacy Coverage can protect your public entitiy.

In the mean time please browse our tips and other resources for steps you can take to protect against a breach. 

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