Workers Compensation

While employers are legally obligated to provide a safe workplace for their employees, on-the-job accidents occur.

Workers' Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance Coverage insures against claims for work-related injuries or diseases suffered by employees that are compensable by statute and/or imposed by law as damages. Other states insurance is incorporated in the policy and is activated by the appropriate entry on the declarations. Voluntary Workers' Compensation and Employers Liability Coverage may be provided for workers not subject to a workers' compensation law.

In Ohio, Jackson Dieken & Associates is able to provide Excess Workers Compensation Insurance. Keep in mind that if you begin or have operations in states other than Ohio, you will need to comply with laws and rules for each respective state.

Contact us today for information on how to become a qualified self-insurer and visit the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation to learn more about the current rules in Ohio.

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