Commercial Property

A Commercial Property Policy provides insurance for real and personal property that is used in operating your business. Regardless of the size of your business, tangible property usually represents a large portion of your company’s total assets. As a result, your Commercial Property Coverage should be frequently reviewed in order to evaluate whether your current coverage meets your needs.

Possible hazards that can damage your property include:
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Flood
  • Earth Movement
  • Identity Theft
  • Power Outages or Surges
  • Much More...

Without proper insurance coverage these losses could be catastrophic to your business. You can trust our experts at Jackson, Dieken & Associates to tailor a property insurance coverage, as part of a complete risk management plan, to ensure your business will survive after a loss.

In addition to physical loss, there is also the loss of revenue to be considered. Business Interruption and Extra Expense Coverage will pay for lost income while your business is down, along with continuing expenses such as utility costs and payroll for employees you do not want to lose. Extra Expense Coverage will cover the costs to rent a temporary space, equipment, and any other expenses that help your company return to business sooner.

Contact our staff today to review your businesses current coverages and to begin discussing how we can help create a risk management plan for your business.

For valuable tips to help you protect your business from various possible damages, please visit our resource center.

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