Commercial Auto

Does your business own, rent, or use employees’ personal vehicles in the course of its operations? Then you are in need of a Commercial Auto insurance policy to cover the related liability.

Did you know that your General Liability, Property or Package (Combined General Liability & Property) Policies DO NOT provide coverage for automobiles? A separate commercial Auto Policy is required.

Jackson Dieken & Associates will work to determine the type of coverage you need based on how you use vehicles in your business, who will be driving the vehicles, whether or not you check employees’ MVRs on a regular basis and have a vehicle maintenance program, amongst other factors.

Commercial automobile insurance tends to be a volatile line of coverage because of variations in driving skills, driving conditions, types of vehicles driven, area of vehicle operation, employees use of personal vehicles in your business etc.,

Looking for help putting together an adequate driver safety program?  Our experts can help to develop a program as part of the services we provide for your Commercial Auto program.

Contact us today to begin discussing your Commercial Auto needs and be sure to visit our business resource section for valuable tips on safe driving & much more.

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