Employment Practices Liability

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) protects your business from claims that may arise due to alleged wrongful termination, discrimination, or harassment at the workplace.

Three ways in which employers can limit their exposure to EPL claims:
  1. Stay as up to date as possible on the latest legal developments.
  2. Have in place an Employee handbook that reflects your individual characteristics as an employer. This will help promote consistency and fairness in the application of company policy.
  3. Strongly consider the purchase of Employment Practices Liability Coverage. This can be a big advantage in defraying onerous defense costs and indemnity resulting from judgment against you.

At Jackson, Dieken & Associates, we have extensive experience creating EPLI programs, as nearly any business that operates with employees has an exposure.

When a claim occurs, defense costs are often the most expensive component and are covered by EPLI, in addition to any settlement.  Additional optional policy enhancements are available, including Third Party coverage, which protects the company in the event an employee harasses an outside party.

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Employment Practices Liability Infograph

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