Manufacturers Insurance

At Jackson Dieken & Associates we understand that every manufacturing and distribution operation is unique. This is why we develop custom insurance plans, instead of “off the shelf” products for our clients.  We take the time to get to know your business and tailor coverages specifically to your individual business needs.

Food, Metals and Plastics Manufacturers, in particular, are some of the manufacturing sectors where Products Recall Coverage may be necessary to minimize the potential significant financial stress of products needing to be recalled and replaced.

Perhaps your clients are requesting Manufacturers Errors & Omissions to cover for errors in design of a product or component. Pollution Liability is also becoming increasingly important to manufacturers as rules and standard liability policies offer little, if any, coverage.

We also find that our insureds are increasingly taking advantage of lucrative markets overseas. Whether you export your products, have physical facilities outside of the U.S. or travel to foreign countries on business, Jackson, Dieken & Associates has the know-how and experience to handle the insurance for you.

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