Planning for retirement used to be a lot easier than it is today. Yesterday, a person retired at age 65 with his savings, social security, a pension (company paid) and a life expectancy of 10 additional years.

Today, that same person has their 401K (maybe) (and remember most of that is their own savings), social security, no pension and the prospect of living for 30 additional years.

Our agency is here to help you approximate the amount of money you will need to accumulate to provide the income you will need to live on during your retirement.

With inflation, a few company provided pensions and the possibility of needing to provide for 30 years in, the sooner you start planning, the better the chance of designing a realistic game plan and reaching your goals of a comfortable retirement.

Contact our Life Division today and our staff will help answer all of your questions and help you begin to plan for your retirement.

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