Even though the building you live in itself is covered by your landlord, their policy does not extend to cover your personal property inside and should be covered through a Renters Policy.

Renters Insurance is essential for all individuals that rent a condo, apartment or home and works by covering your furniture and other valuables from damages caused by a fire, lightening, hail, plumbing issues and more. 

We all know bad things can happen, your Renters policy also includes Personal Liability Coverage which protects you in the event of a law suit from a third party being injured while at your home.

A recent study showed that 6 of 10 renters do not have Renters Insurance for reasons including:

  • They believed it was too costly
  • They didn't understand how it worked
  • They believed their apartment was well secured

We are here to help our clients understand insurance and help find an affordable but complete policy to fit your budget. Contact our personal lines staff today to learn more.

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